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Terms and conditions

Business Conditions and Claims Code

General business conditions for the e-shop and the claims code

1. These business conditions are valid for buying via the Internet shop, for the processing of supplied minerals and they clarify the rights and obligations of the seller and the buyer.

2. The seller and operator of the Internet shop is:

Pavla Čepelíková

Bellušova 1847/10

155 00 Prague 5

Czech Republic

Business Identification Number: 63932989

Goods are distributed from various addresses.


3. Contact Information:

Email:; our rule is to reply to emails within 12 hours, however within 3 business days at the latest.

Telephone number: +420 251 627 598


4. Account number for non-cash payments in the Czech Republic: mBank: 670100-2208823347/6210


5. Non-cash payments from the Slovak Republic can be made by means of Pay Pal ID:, or in Euros onto the account at the Slovak FIO Bank: 2000190798/8330


6. Non-cash payments from other European Union countries can be made by means of Pay Pal ID:, or in Euros on to the account:

Name of Recipient:                        Pavla Čepelíková

Name of Bank:                                 Fio banka, a.s.

Code of Bank SWIFT(BIC):           FIOBCZPPXXX

Account Number IBAN:                 CZ1220100000002000190798


Closing a Buyer’s Contract in Our E-Shop

  1. All orders made by means of the e-shop, are considered obligatory. By placing an order, the buyer confirms that he is familiar with the valid business conditions and claims code and that he agrees with them.
  2. Information given by the buyer must be true and accurate.
  3. The electronic order form filled in by the buyer is the proposal of the buyer’s contract. The buyer’s contract occurs at the time the buyer takes over the ordered goods.
  4. The delivery location of the goods is the address stated by the buyer in the order form.
  5. Ownership rights of the goods are transferred onto the buyer following the payment of the buyer’s price at its handing over.
  6. The buyer is bound to take the obligatory ordered goods and pay the total price and possibly other fees (postage, packaging, cash on delivery) stated in the order form.
  7. I am not a payer of VAT.
  8. If the buyer fails to fulfill his obligation of taking and paying for the ordered goods, the seller has the right to refuse any other orders made by this buyer.
  9. By filling in the order form, the buyer is giving the seller consent to collecting and archiving personal information of the buyer and about his purchases. The seller can only use this information in the scope of valid regulations for ensuring administrative matters and accounting of the company.


Postage and Way of Shipping

  1. Postage and packaging depends on the way of shipping, on the weight of the shipment and on the country where the goods are being shipped. Choosing the way of shipping (postage) is made at the end of the entire purchase and the price for postage and packaging is added to the total price.
  2. Upon buying goods above CZK 1200(apr. 70 EURO about exchange rate ) postage is free of charge.
  3. It is possible to verify the prices for postage and packaging on the Postage, Packaging, and Shipping page.
  4. Goods are carefully, individually packaged and most frequently sent in a bubble wrap envelope.


Delivery Period

According to its availability and operations possibilities of the supplier, the ordered goods will be supplied in the shortest possible time by Czech Post, usually within 3-5 business days (maximum 7 days) in the Czech Republic from the time payment is recorded onto the account or in the case of cash on delivery from the obligatory confirmation of the order form. The delivery period for European countries is approx. 10 days. The delivery period for USA, Canada and China is approx. 16 days.

The goods are considered as delivered once they are delivered to the address, stated by the customer in the order form.


Method of Paying the Price for the Goods

The customer has many possibilities of paying the purchase price for the goods. It is possible to pay the full amount of the price by bank transfer onto the supplier’s account under the corresponding variable symbol, which identifies the payment, by cash on delivery at the location of taking over the goods by means of the contracting carrier service, or in person at a location agreed upon in advance. It is also possible to make the payment onto the account of the supplier by a money order. The shipment with the goods always contains a tax receipt. I am not a payer of VAT.


Personal Pick-Up

Personal pick-up is not preferred due to the fact that the goods can be found on more locations.



Possible claims will be handled in accordance with the claims code of the e-shop and regulations valid in the Czech Republic upon closing the contract.


Withdrawing from the Buyer’s Contract – Returning of Goods

According to paragraph 6 of the amended Civil Law No. 367/2000 Collection, in its valid wording, the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of taking over the goods. If he decides to do so, he must send the goods back undamaged, without any signs of usage or wear and tear, along with the original tax receipt in the stated period (the determining factor is the shipment date). It is not possible to return the goods on cash on delivery. The seller does not return the amount for fees related to the shipment of the goods. The supplier is obliged to return the paid financial amount to the consumer within 30 days of the withdrawal at the latest. The financial amount will be retuned back onto the bank account of the consumer according to the agreement with the consumer. Upon withdrawal, we recommend to state the order number, variable symbol and date of purchase and submit the original or a copy of the receipt of purchasing of the goods. If it is unclear as to why shipments were sent to us, they will be returned to the sender.


A withdrawal from the buyer’s contract from the side of the seller, a right for a change in price

The seller is reserving the right to cancel the order or a part of it in these cases:

The goods were destroyed by accident, or damaged and neither mineral will be found, nor fossil similar in size, quality or price.

- The price of the goods has changed in a significant way.

- In these cases, the buyer will be contacted immediately and a further course of action will be agreed with him.

The seller is reserving the right to change the price. The valid prices are confirmed by the buyer at the time he confirms the order form. If the valid price is identical to or lower than the one on the order form, the goods are delivered for the valid price at the time of the taking over of the order. If the price is higher than the price stated on the order form, the seller must immediately inform the buyer of this fact.


Conflict from the Buyer’s Contract

In the event that the item is not in accordance with the buyer’s contract during the buyer’s taking over (“conflict with the buyer’s contract”), courses of action, which are in accordance with provision section (§) 616 of the Civil Law of the Czech Republic are followed.


Protection of Personal Information of the Consumer

With the customer’s consent, the supplier collects personal information of registered customers, those being the name, address, telephone number and email address. This information primarily serves for simplifying customer’s orders in the future. If the customer expresses his consent, the supplier can send the company’s newsletter via email to the customer.

The supplier does not give the personal information of the customer to any other person. Information about the customer, which the supplier keeps and processes can be changed by the customer and this can be done following the logging in into the “customer section”.

The customer can remove his consent to keeping and processing of personal information or with the sending of the company’s information at any time. This can be done by sending an email message to, or by notifying the supplier of this fact by telephone.


Closing Provision

By the handing over of the order form, the buyer accepts the price of the goods, the delivery conditions, and all provisions of the business conditions in its valid wording on the day the order form is handed over and that without objections, the same as on the day of sending the ordered goods.

In the sense of provision section (§) 262, paragraph 1 law no. 513 / 1991 Collection, in its valid wording – of the Business Law, the participants have explicitly agreed that unless otherwise explicitly stated by the conditions, their rights and obligations are governed by the Law of the Czech Republic.

These business conditions are valid for all buyers’ contracts closed between the supplier and the customer. The supplier is reserving the right to change the business conditions.


Claims Code

  1. If a claim reason occurs on goods supplied by the e-shop,, the buyer can make this claim by email or by telephone.
  2. A written notification about discovering defects can be claimed by the buyer by email at: The notification about defects must contain: the buyer’s name, address, telephone number, e-mail (if available), order number, a detailed description of the defect and a proposal for the resolution of the situation which has occurred. In all cases, it is necessary to submit a copy of the invoice and a receipt of payment and delivery of goods, on which defects are being claimed.
  3. Prior to the taking over of the goods from the carrier service, the buyer is obliged to check whether the shipment bears no signs of damage occurred during the delivery. If the packaging is damaged, then the buyer is obliged to further check on location, whether this did not lead to the damaging of the goods in the shipment. The buyer is obliged to immediately inform the carrier service as well as the seller about the possible damage of the goods. This is to be done within two business days from taking over of the goods at the latest.   Warning: In the event that the packaging is damaged, immediately write a protocol about the damaging of the shipment with the carrier service. This will simplify further dealings regarding the claim.
  4. The seller will inform the buyer within three business days from receiving this notification about defects regarding further courses of action towards resolving this claim.
  5. The seller does not assume responsibility for damages caused from the use of this product, functions and damages caused by unprofessional use, the same as damages caused by external events. The possible provided warrantee is not related to damages of this type.
  6. The natural properties of some minerals are high level of fission, susceptibility to high temperatures during soldering, dissolving in acids. Precious opals (hydrophanes) can become opaque with the passing of time, when they come into contact with water. Therefore, avoid immersing these minerals into water as well as its excessive drying.  Which stones to look out for when tinning when using patinas: silica, lemon chrysoprase, mangano-calcite, lepidolite and all minerals which are porous upon first observation. For such minerals, carefully coat them with patina as well as an antioxidant, using a brush only for tin.  Furthermore, when tinning only when using soldering acids, these cause problems: calcite, mangano-calcite, malachite, rhodochrosite. Acid makes the surface sticky, so it does not sparkle. However, experts know how to handle these stones and acid. You cannot immerse some stones into water overnight. They will simply dissolve on the surface and turn opaque. Here we are talking about:  calcite, mangano-calcite, dolomite, malachite, rhodochrosite, angelite, variscite, opal, charoite, prehnite, chalcoprehnite, chrysocolla, argonote, salt, gypsum (selenite), and a list of other precious stones. It is necessary to consult the use of individual minerals and fossils in jewelry and the use of a variety of jeweler’s techniques in advance by telephone or by email.
  7. A claim in the event that there is a loss of the shipment by the Czech Post carrier is governed by the claim code of the Czech Post. So, it is possible to make a claim up to 20 days from sending the shipment. Following this, a claim period of 15 days is running. If the claim proceedings verify that a loss of the shipment took place, all financial means (price of the goods and paid postage) is returned onto the bank account of the customer. If the claim proceedings verify that the shipment has been delivered to the customer (his signature at the handing over of the shipment), the customer does not have the right to the return of his financial means.


1.2.2018 Version, Written By: Pavla Čepelíková