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About us  (gemstones, Saffronstones) – Any kind of precious stone for your creation.

Welcome to our shop,

We are located in Prague, Czech Republic. We currently process gemstones with the aid of cabochon, tumbling, cutting, grinding and drilling. We manufacture polished stones or hand-ground, cabochons from interesting minerals from around the world. We have countless machines and still it is not enough. We rather devote our time to specialties and low-series for jewelers; we do not manufacture cheap tones of stone of one kind because this would be not interesting for us.

The price of precious stones for the most part comes from its weight and since we manufacture them we do not usually have a unified size and it is often times not possible to “average” it, as in a regular shop, where stones of an already sorted size are sold.  This is why the price can be different from piece to piece, can be more expensive; on a photograph, similar pieces are only bigger and heavier. For more expensive precious stones, the price also depends on the quality (therefore price) of the raw material.

 We sometimes prepare hand-written articles for selected precious stones because we believe that everyone can get their own boring textbooks and it is not necessary to copy them:  larimar, turquoise, and charoite.
I hope you will be able to choose from our selection, be it a stone for your own creation or for your delight. When you buy a stone from us, we can drill through or drill a hole in the stone at your request for CZK 10 or possibly cut or trim the stone somehow, etc.
If you choose more goods, you obviously pay postage only once. When paying on account or by PAYPAL, postage is 3, 60 EURO. We ship orders in Europe within approx. 10 days. We ship the goods via registered post by the Czech Post Office. The stones are well packaged in a bubble wrap envelope. We send more expensive packages above 200 EURO as a registered letter. When the total order is approximetly 54 EUR, postage and packaging are free of charge.
Your attention please – are you searching for whichever special stone and you cannot find it in the shop? Write to us and it’s quite probable that we have it available but there is just not an updated photograph of it or we can manufacture it from raw material.
Our Etsy shop is SaffronStones. Our Fler e-shop.

You family team

Jan Cepelik (alias Saffman), head of manufacturing, main technologist and geologist and experimenter.


Pavla Cepelikova (alias Saffron), owner, “witchcraft“, blogs, communication and humor.

Wishing you happy shopping and many joys upon discovering the world of stones!

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