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Cordierite (Iolite) mini cabochon droplet 5x3 mm, 1pc

A very clean cabochon of Cordierite - gem quality (or also old Iolite). It has a gray-blue-violet peculiar color similar to the frosting on blueberries. Color changes with viewing angle. Price for 1 pc. Size 5x3mm +- 0.2 mm (Not suitable for drilling!)

The color matches the sunstone beautifully! A great and very original duo. (Day and night)

It is already a gem, hardness 7-7.5 (same hardness as tourmaline)

Like all purple stones, it is classified in the spheres of intuition, will and crown chakra. It is a very mysterious, nocturnal stone. It will be great for meditation and you may have interesting dreams if you wear it to bed.


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