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Drilling and tumbling stones

At present, we perform tumbling, tumbling, which is their rounding and smoothing in the drum. We also cut cabochons, cut stones and drill stones using a diamond drill. Order our stones from the e-shop directly in the e-shop, the price of drilling will be added to the order (in the third category menu from the bottom). It is necessary to arrange the stone processing either by phone: +420 602 549 354, or by e-mail: .

Sanding and polishing stones

We can sharpen and polish stones for our good customers. For example, grind and polish the cut soap from clear stones to make the stone transparent. Create and polish irregular cabochon. We can not make stones exactly to measure, our machines do not allow to create an exact plane and right angle, we do everything from the eye. Our machines are designed for rounded cabochons only. Therefore, we do not have to grind and polish to measure, it is already done by the master cutters, on which we can give you contact. We grind and polish stones on an American machine with a blade width of 3 cm, so we are limited by the largest stone size of about 7 cm. Do not grind minicabs below 10 mm. We offer smaller stones for sale in our e-shop.

The price of grinding and polishing into cabochons is 2 - 3, - EUR per cm2, depending on the type of material. For stones as natural materials, it cannot be guaranteed that they will not crack along the crack.

The availability of grinding is on request, because we often have a fully filled production capacity with our own stones. Rather, we cut several pieces for orders for our good customers.