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Vesuvian - pair (10x8 mm) No. A32

A beautiful spring green vesuvian, the color is very similar to olivine. A wonderful durable stone.

He is from Pakistan. Mini cabochons 10x8 mm; price per pair. Due to the size, it is not possible to drill.

The pure extra green color of this stone is typical of the heart chakra, it is the kame of kindness, mercy and sincerity. It gives hope and faith in difficult times. It helps to rest and learn to rest!

(hardness 6.5). Ideal for silver, pewter and other techniques.

Other names of vesuvian: California jade, Californit, American jade, Vesuvianite jade, Pulga jade, Happy Camp jade, Cyprine, Egeran, Idokras, Idocras, vesuvianite

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