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True turquoise, Arizona USA, 3.5mm, 1pc

A beautiful genuine and thus naturally created turquoise from the USA, it comes from the well-known but currently closed Kingman mine in Arizona. Beautiful turquoise in a typical Arizona shade. The raw material was stabilized before grinding. (Stabilization allows for grinding) Hand cut on putties (there may be a small amount of stick putty underneath to help hold the mini cabochon when grinding) Round mini cabochon 3.5mm +-0.2mm; price for 1 piece

Natural turquoise has been one of the most valuable stones since prehistoric times. it is and was part of amulets, sacred and ritual objects, jewelry and Aztec masks.. It is a stone of communication and not only of an earthly nature. Everything is written about turquoise, the fact is that real turquoise is energetically different than its imitations, of which there are dozens of types in the world. Turquoise is the most imitated stone in the world. In the Orient, turquoise is considered a lucky stone, and all Oriental stone merchants actually wear rings with real beautiful turquoises that are passed down from fathers to sons. I perceive his carrying of happiness in such a way that it mainly brings the ability to see and discover happiness in the moments of every day - here and now.

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