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Maori amulet - Toki, white jade No.1

Rare white jade originally from Russia. Tough, durable stone. Rarity material.

A beautiful Jade amulet inspired by the New Zealand tradition of Toki, cut nicely by hand, cut to hold the string where it is, it is also subsequently drilled to make the jewelry reliable. And of course polished ... tied with a nylon black cord in the Maori way. The harness is length-adjustable. Hand sanding, ground with us. (Double-sided jewelry)

The meaning of ax Toki, or also Adze, is Wisdom, power, authority and awareness.

The color is slightly greenish, reminiscent of luminous matter (but of course it does not shine :-)

Jade is a favorite stone of healers, it helps in self-regeneration, patience and works with karma (and not only that). It belongs to the liver, gallbladder and pancreas. Its white form cleanses emotional traumas, helps to learn from them and extract the good that the bad has brought.


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