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Lighter emerald Zambia, mini wheel 4 mm, 1pc

Beautiful bright light menthol green, beautifully transparent and mainly completely natural emerald originating from Zambia, locality Kafubu. These emeralds are characterized by a lighter but sparkling color compared to Brazilian or Colombian, for example, and high transparency compared to them. It is not modified in any way (so it is not impregnated with any glass or glue, as is unfortunately the standard for faceted emeralds today). Luxurious precious stone in gem quality for the demanding. The value of natural emeralds is rising year by year. Laboratory tested (throughput), size 4mm . Price for 1 piece. (Not suitable for drilling!)

The emerald is one of the top five gems, it is a classic stone for kings and palace princesses. As a representative of green stones, it belongs to the heart chakra. Emerald is a natural beauty, dignity and healthy self-confidence embodied in stone.


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