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Large blue Sapphire - side drilled No. 3

Denim, deep blue, hand-polished larger boulder of Indian Sapphire. Not only does it have a universally fitting, typically denim-blue color (almost everyone wears jeans), but above all hardness! The stone is drilled laterally with a diameter of 1.2 mm.

the color of the stone is natural

Sapphire is the stone of kings, and its blue variant is one of the most sought-after gemstones (and also the most expensive in the case of transparent versions), it belongs to the stones of the third eye, i.e. to the sphere of decision-making and intuition. It is a very strong stone, it strengthens decisiveness together with intuition, especially so that a person can be the master of his life. If a person feels mentally weak, soft, muddled or otherwise disheveled, sapphire will certainly be a good choice to pull yourself together and focus on the essentials. Sapphire is definitely not a delicate teacup, like all corundums. (it's also very hard)

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