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Goshenite, clear mini cabochon 2.8- 3.0 mm, 1 pc

Clear, slightly bluish beryl, goshenite from Pakistan. Tiny cabochon; 3mm (Not suitable for drilling!)

Goshenite is an understated but very powerful gemstone. Best suited for protective amulets, wherever you feel threatened, have a bad feeling, whether from a place or a person. It is also suitable for the maternity ward, for greater mental well-being of mothers and babies, you can also hang it above the children's cots... unlike crystal, Goshenite is a much harder and more durable stone, yet it is gentle and caring. It does not need to be cleaned as often as crystal. It is associated with the crown chakra. (He likes the sun and running water).

dimensions 3 mm, (+ -0.2 mm) price for 1 pc
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