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Cubic zirconia garnet red, 6 mm - 1pc

<p> Kubick & aacute; Zirconia is the most used & scaron; & iacute; and the most affordable & scaron; & iacute; imitation of diamonds. Negotiate; is completely synthetic & yacute; k & aacute; men, there is no & quot; c & iacute; Incorrectly b & yacute; in & aacute; in & aacute; as & nbsp; kubick & yacute; zirconium. </p> <p> Zirconium jalo taky & yacute; naturally occurs in the family and in scaron; and m & aacute; not cubic, but square, and chemically from cubic & eacute; completely zirconium & scaron; n & eacute ;. </p> <p> Cracow; color </p> <p> Sn & yacute; glitter & yacute; facets & yacute; brus, ide & aacute; ln & iacute; v & scaron; ude where you need a bit of shine for the crown :-) of the appropriate material it lu </p>
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