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Effect of stones, horoscope, using stones

Color effect of stones, or get energy (completely free)

Relax for a moment in the beauty of the stones…

The fact that colors act on the human psyche is not new, some will calm you, others will encourage, and the color of the stones will make the connection brilliant. All you have to do is look and feel the colors, meditate or just relax and let yourself be drawn into the depths of the stones… We will be glad if you share your experiences with us, how the color (and stones) has impressed you. these purposes a playful discussion.
And here's the usual look at colors, but yours may be completely different, unique, and will certainly change over time. Always follow your feelings. If you are having a color problem, it is worth to think about it, and to refuse why you refuse to let this energy into your life.


Červené kameny

stones of red color

Topics: life, self-preservation instinct, energy, roots (eg, what we inherited and present in the blood), courage, strength and will to live, assertion, also aggression
Missing red energy: depression, even suicide. It is best if we love, and we are glad to be a human being.
Surplus: anger, aggression, violence) - compares green color



kameny oranžové barvy

stones of orange color

Topics: joy of life, playfulness and creativity, vitality, immunity, sexual organs, the theme of femininity and masculinity and parenting. The certainty that we are in line with the higher order.
Missing Orange Energy: Sadness, Not Accepting Your Role, Sexual Problems, Relationships, Complexes Based on being a Woman / Man… Refusing to Rejoice
Surplus: sexual problems (self-harming extremism) are blue and violet

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kameny žluté barvy

stones of yellow color

Topics: The ego struggles with the true self, Emotions, inner wisdom, self-worth, partner affairs. The challenge is to accept deposits and your dark side. Knowing your talents and yourself
Missing: yellow energy- misunderstanding, lack of confidence (in your ability) exema, psoriasis, pimples, bad nervous system, lumbar spine, overweight, anorexia, anger, anger, irritability, bad dreams and restless sleep
Surplus: Yellow Energy: Excessive opinion about yourself, arrogance and arrogance (level blue)



kameny zelené barvy

stones of green color

Topics: natural ability to protect, personal space, freedom, healing color. Harmonization and neutralization, liver gallbladder, body cleansing and regeneration. Healthy optimism, will to live. Setting your own borders, the theme of freedom and personal space. Bright Green - Compassion for Others (Swallow, Grosulla ..) Malachite is used before usurpers.
Lack of green energy: lack of self-protection, inability to say NO
Surplus: usurpation, climbing to other people - compares red and pink color



kameny růžové barvy

pink color stones

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pink-green stones

Topic: self-love, the most vulnerable place in us, tenderness, cries, sensitivity, sensitivity
Organs: heart, lungs, bronchi
Lowers: emotional coldness, hardness, isolation, self- pitying problems, lack of love, pressure, heart problems, breathing difficulties
Surplus: softness, disobedience in distributing emotion (we are mourning our surroundings to death), and consequently we are harming ourselves and others



kameny olivově zelené barvy

olive green color stones

(yellow-green) (between solar and heart) - the color of hope, wisdom and love, it is the color that helps us to our nature



kameny tyrkysové barvy

stones of turquoise color

Turquoise theme: heart and neck chakra, thymus
Art, understanding technical things, communication and learning foreign languages! And also the optimism is the color of the sea and dolphins.



- Cool, fever, cramps, sleep, peace and quiet, miracles when a person is mentally depleted (royal blue)


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stones of light blue color

Topic: live truth, ability to admit communication, confidence in speech, faith, trust, calmness
Organs: neck, jaw, teeth, larynx, upper respiratory tract, almonds, voice, cervical spine, neck, shoulders, hearing
Problems: shyness, inhibitions, difficulty in speaking, speech disorders, sore throat, cervical spine, thyroid gland, trouble with ears. (lack and excess)


kameny tmavě modré barvy

stones of dark blue color

Topic: will, decision-making, fantasy, perception, intuition, creative energy, openness of thought
Organs: face, eyes, ears, nose, cavities, hormonal system
Trouble in scarcity: weakening of concentration, mental confusion, lack of direction (jumping from one to the other) Migraines, brain diseases, eye problems, sinuses
In excess: egoism, hardness, logic over emotions
Blue themes as such : the principle of femininity



kameny fialové barvy

purple color stones

Topics: spirituality and natural and divine principle. Spirituality, cosmic encounters, self-realization, enlightenment, spiritual powers, connection with the universe, healing abilities
Purple themes, duality color - earthly and otherworldly (red and blue) restores balance, heals, birth house themes (father and mother)
Organs: Brain, hair, nerves, whole body (enters all chakras)
Lack of Trouble: lack of interest in worldly affairs, superstitions, black magic, escape from reality, depression, seclusion,confusion, spiritual exhaustion, insomnia
Surplus: passing physical, exaggerating spiritual, black (but also white) magic



čiré kameny

clear stones

The white color contains all spectral colors - the color of the decision, the energy protection, the white does not define and does not isolate, so it is most suitable for everyday protection and cleansing. It is the color of neutrality.
Topics: Purifies if we don't like pain - it's universal (all colors) with depression
White Stone Meditation: Guardian Angel



kameny purpurové barvy

purple color stones

red-violet or dark pink (the color of Christ's blood) - a rare color, predominantly of gems - such as rhodolite garnet, spinel, rubelite tourmaline
It represents care for the carers, those who have distributed their energy to others, help themselves, are fit for all chakras, especially the heart, the highest form of love



kameny hnědé barvy

brown color stones

Brown themes: Body feeling, metabolism, safety, peace, realism. Material matters.
The brown is settled, we are on the ground, agitates practicality, perseverance, stamina, helps us stay in matter. There is a topic of responsibility, reliability and conservatism. For those who tend to get stuck in meditations, it is almost necessary to come back and stayfeet on the ground.



They release energy blockages (hence places where it usually hurts), but they do not solve the cause, they bring relief. It also eliminates excessive tension, brings a sense of stability and security.
Black theme: Protection and isolation, strengthens other colors (black stones cannot be found here, because they are not transparent :-))